Motilitas dan viabilitas semen rusa timor (Cervus timorensis) menggunakan pengencer yang berbeda pada suhu 5oC

Achadiah Rahmawati


The aim of the research was to reduce inbreeding of Timor deer (Cervus timorensis). This research used semen ejaculated from 8 hard Timor deers with aged 4-8 years old. Semen was collected by electroejaculator without aenesthation. Ejaculate semen was evaluated by both macroscopically and microscopically based on different diluters (andromed®and egg yolk skim) during freezing processes (fresh, before freezing and post thawing). The result indicated that fresh semen volume was 1.01+ 0.21ml, pH was 6.95+0.09 with white milk-creamy colour, had a medium-opaque consistency and typical odor. Microscopic observation showed that the mass motility was 2+-3+ and individual motility was 80.6+5.63%. Sperm concentration was 4728.75+2386.66 milion/ml with viability percentage was 89.16+6.06% and abnormal sperm were 10.37+2.31%. Individual motility and viability percentage before freezing using andromed® and egg yolk skim were 59.38+4.17% and 26.88+7.53% and 80.83+5.86% and 69.28+6.70% respectively. The research concluded that andromed® was effective to maintain motility and viability percentage before freezing. Based on this research, researcher suggests to use andromed® that effective to maintain freezing process quality for future research.

Keyword: Rusa deer, before freezing, diluters

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