Kandungan nutrien dan kecernaan bahan kering in-vitro limbah udang hasil fermentasi dengan Aspergillus oryzae

Irfan H. Djunaidi, Dini Hardini


The research aimed at evaluating the nutrient content and dry matter digestibility of aspergillus oryzae fermented shrimp waste meal. The material used are vannamei shrimp waste meal, A.oryzae isolate and chemical standard microbe growth. The research was arranged in completely randomized design with 4 treatments of time incubation (W0 = no fermentation; W1 = 24; W2 = 48 and W3 = 72 hours) with 3 replications. The variables measured were dry matter, organic matter, crude fat, crude fibre, crude protein and dry matter digestibility. The research showed that the nutrient of shrimp waste was changed after 72 hours incubation. The dry matter and organic matter were increased, but  crude fibre, fat and crude protein were decreased with 1,67–2,02%, 6,13–6,87%, 0,20–2,065% and 3,48–5,84% respectively, and dry matter digestibility increased 9%.


Keywords: Shrimp waste, digestibility value

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