Pengaruh penambahan kultur azotobacter pada feses kambing terhadap kualitas media dan produktivitas cacing tanah (Lumbricus rubellus)

Nur Cholis, Endang Setyowati, Ita Wahju Nursita


The purposes of this research were to determine the effect of addition of Azotobacter bacterial culture into media of goat faeces on medium quality and earthworm productivity; and also to examine the best dose of Azotobacter bacterial cultures addition. The research material was 800 g earthworm aged 3 months old. The research method was experimental with Completely Randomized Design using 4 treatments and 4 replications. The results show that addition of Azotobacter bacterial culture had a significant effect (P<0.01) on the medium quality and earthworm productivity (coccoon production, the number of juvenils per coccoon, coccoon hatching percentage, the numbers and weight of earthworm). The bacterial culture addition of 350 cc/100 kg goat faeces was found the best. We suggest to follow the study with observation about the effect of the length of fermentation to the medium quality and earthworm productivity.


Keywords: Azotobacter, goat faeces, earthworm

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