Pengaruh pengencer Tris Aminomethane kuning telur yang disuplementasi sari kulit Manggis (Garcinia Mangostana) terhadap kualitas semen Sapi Limousin selama penyimpanan suhu dingin 50C

Fredyan Isnan Effendi, Sri Wahjuningsih, M. Nur Ihsan


The purpose of this research was to determine the dose of mangosteen rinds juice (0%, 2%, and 4%) in a diluent Tris Aminomethane-egg yolk. The fresh semen was collected once a week using an artificial vagina from five Limousin bulls aged 8 to 11 years old with a body weight of 895-1034 kg. The research method was experimental laboratory using a randomized block design with 3 treatments and 10 replications. If there were significant influences among the variables, it would be then tested by Duncan’s Multiple Range test method. The result showed that Tris Aminomethane-egg yolk diluent with 4% of mangosteen rinds juice suplementation had significant differences (P<0.05) on the sperm quality kept for 72 hours in the cold storage in terms of the percentage of sperm motility and sperm viability. It also had a significant difference (P<0.05) on sperm abnormality particularly within the 1st hour. It can be concluded that the addition of 4% mangosteen rinds juice in Tris Aminomethane-egg yolk diluent could protect Limousin bull semen quality (motility, viability and abnormality) after stored for 72 hours at 50C.


Keywords: Abnormality, liquid semen, mangosteen rind, motility, viability

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