Fertilitas Spermatozoa Ayam Buras dengan Penambahan Antioksidan Glutathione dalam Pengencer Ringer’s Selama Simpan Dingin

iswati iswati, Nurul Isnaini, Trinil Susilawati


Testing of spermatozoa fertility in vivo is needed to find out the extent of the ability
of spermatozoa fertilization in the female reproductive tract. The fertility ability of
spermatozoa in fertilizing the ovum is indicated by the number of fertile eggs from
the number of eggs incubated resulting from the mating with Artificial Insemination
(AI). The aim of this research is to know the percentage of fertility of eggs from AI
using semen which has been stored cold for 8 hours on Ringe's diluent with the
addition of antioxidant glutathione. Collection semen with teaser female method is
done in Poultry Breeder Installation of Sekolah Tinggi Penyuluhan Pertanian (STPP)
Malang. The 30 female chickens were divided into 3 groups of treatment P0: AI
using fresh semen with Ringer's diluent, P1: AI using cold cement with Ringer's
Diluent (8 hours duration storage) and P2: AI using cold semen with 0.5 mM
addition in Diluent Ringe's (8 hours duration storage). Experiment design using
Complete Randomized Design (RAL) and  nonparametric data analysis with chi-square.
The observed variable was egg fertility calculated based on egg fertility percentage.
The results showed that the dilution treatment had a significant effect (P <0,05) on
fertility egg, with the best result indicated by P0 that is 76% fertility, followed
by P2 with fertility 42% and P1 which showed the lowest fertility was 34%. IB with
cold cement has not demonstrated a good percentage of fertility despite 0.05 mM
glutathione added as an antioxidant. It is recommended that AI in domestic poultry
using fresh semen with Ringe's diluent, is done as soon as possible to obtain optimum


fertility;domestic chicken;Artificial Insemination;glutathione;teaser female

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.21776/ub.jiip.2017.027.01.10


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