Production and production risk of broiler farms In the Regency of North Minahasa - Indonesia

Erwin Wantasen, Sintya J.K Umboh, Jein R Leke, Florencia N Sompie


The broiler is one of the potential husbandry commodities to be developed, but its development faces various risks, particularly production risk. This is indicated by fluctuating mortality of broiler in each period. This research aimed to analyze some production factors determining production and production risk of broiler production activity in the Regency of North Minahasa, Province of North Sulawesi.  In addition, the research's site was purposively determined, such as six villages representing three districts (District of Dimembe, Kauditan, and Kalawat) having the largest population of breeders under partnership program in the Regency of North Minahasa. From each village, then, breeders were selected by sampling method, comprising 27 breeders of Village of Dimembe, 18 breeders of Village of Matungkas, 19 breeders of Village of Kauditan Satu, 16 breeders of Village of Kauditan Dua, 13 breeders of Village of Kolongan and 10 breeders of Village of Suwaan. The sample of breeders was 100 respondents of the breeder. Further, data collected by survey and analyzed employing Just and Pope Analysis to know some production impacts against production and production risk of broiler. In conclusion, the research shows that the variable of a total of feed, heater, ammotrol, rice husk, and a total of labors could improve broiler production, and variable of Day Old Chick (DOC) could decrease broiler production. Variable of a total of feed, vitamin, rice husk, and a total of labors could decrease production risk of broiler, but a total of a day of chicks could increase production risk of broiler.


Production; Production risks; DOC; Feeds; Labor

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