Performance of dairy cows fed diet containing concentrate with fermented Durio zibethinus peel

Endang Sulistyowati, Irma Badarina, Sigit Mujiharjo, Sistanto Sistanto, Icuk Rahma Dhani, Ririn Putri, Enita Terimasari, Aji Prayogi, Bogi Al Iman, Sawaluddin Fanhar


The effects of inclusion of Durio zibethinus peel meal fermented with Pleurotus ostreatus in concentrate of diet have been evaluated in dairy cows in 4 x 4 Latin Square.  Diets containing 11.35% in dry matter basis of four ratios of fermented Durio (FD) peel meal to rice bran in concentrate, there were FD 0/30, FD 10/20, FD20/10, and FD30/0.  Experimental periods were 4- 2 week periods, with 2 weeks preliminary, daily milk recordings, and 4 days feces collection per periods.  Fermentation for 2 weeks of Durio peel meal increased moisture, ash, ether extract, and doubled in crude protein;  and decreased dry and organic matters and two third in crude fiber.  Nutrient contents of concentrate containing fermented Durio peel meal were enhanced in moisture; decreased in dry and organic matters, ether extract, N- free extract, and gross energy; and stable in crude protein and crude fiber. The FD 20/10 was lower in crude fiber fraction and fatty acid profile, optimal in in vitro characteristics and milk fatty acid profile, highest in milk production, milk fat weight, and milk protein weight, highest in crude protein and crude fiber digestibility. In general, diet containing concentrate with 20% fermented Durio peel meal and 10% rice bran is considered optimal for improving milk quality and digestibility in dairy cow.


Durio peel meal, P. ostreatus, milk quality, digestibility

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